In-Patient Department

Welcome to In-Patient Care

The Nursing Care and Medical Doctors as Team welcomes you to Lusaka Trust Hospital

At Lusaka Trust Hospital we recognize the role of nurses as front liners and round the clock carers to our esteemed clients both seeking and receiving health care. The nursing cadre, which is selected on merit, is a mix of individuals specialized in different branches of nursing so as to be equal to the tasks of meeting individual needs in the preventive, curative and rehabilitative nursing care of our clients.

 i. We pride in a well equipped labour suite affording you the privacy that you need.
ii. Competency to manage both normal and complicated labour and deliveries such as:
• caesarean section,
• breech delivery,
• multiple deliveries.
iii. Ability to manage neonatal needs through usage of such equipment as:
• Baby Resuscitaire
• baby incubator

i. Theatre Nurses services are available 24/7.
ii. The team is also certified to manage procedures such as:
• laparoscopic procedures
 Cholecystectomy
 Appendecectomy

• endoscopic procedures
 Banding
 Dilatation
 Polypectomy

i. Patient Comfort – LTH 
• Choice between private and shared rooms,
• The rooms’ lay out considers your right to privacy and confidentiality.
ii. Amenities – The rooms are well equipped with amenities such as Television sets.

Critical care nursing – Intensive Care Unit available equipped with:
• Patient ventilator,
• Patient monitor,
• Defibrillator,
• Infusion pumps,
• Fluid pusher and
• Other digital monitors.


Emergenices 24/7