At Lusaka Trust Hospital, we are committed to providing exceptional pharmacy services to our patients, delivering the highest standard of care, convenience, and expertise.

Pharmacy Services We Offer

• Our pharmacy is equipped to fill and dispense a wide range of prescription medications prescribed by our hospital physicians and external healthcare providers.

We will discuss important information such as dosage instructions, potential side effects, storage requirements, and any necessary precautions.

Our pharmacy team collaborates with healthcare providers to ensure a seamless transition upon your discharge, providing the necessary medications and instructions for continued care.

Patient safety is our top priority

Portrait of a confident young woman working in a pharmacy

Our pharmacists will review your medication regimen, identify any issues or concerns, and work closely with your healthcare team to make appropriate adjustments or recommendations.

Our pharmacy offers compounding services to customize medications according to specific patient needs, such as adjusting dosage forms, strengths.

We work closely with the clinical team to ensure a reliable and timely supply of medications

Our pharmacy specializes in providing medications for complex and chronic conditions, including specialty drugs.

Our Pharmacy is staffed by a team of skilled pharmacists and technicians who are dedicated to ensuring the safe and effective use of medications for our patients.

The Pharmacist Working Hours

07:30—21:00 hours Monday to Friday

07:30 – 16:00 Hours Holidays &Weekends